The Clock is Ticking on Your Claim Against the State


Mississippi, like many other states, has a special statute which provides the state and its "political subdivisions" with certain protections. Among the most critical points of this statutory scheme is the shortened statute of limitations. In short, any lawsuit against the State of Mississippi, any of its subdivisions, cities, counties, and their respective divisions and departments must be filed with one year of the date of the accident or occurrence. There are also special notice requirements which further protect the state from a lawsuit. In legal terms, one year is a very short period of time.

These special protections apply to all varieties of government. Police departments, hospitals, school bus drivers, etc. The list is nearly endless. If you or someone you know has a potential claim against one of these state entities, it is important to get an attorney who understands the procedures needed to protect your rights. The Mississippi Tort Claims Act requires special care. If you have questions about a claim, contact Gulf South Law Firm for help. 

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