What is the Big Problem with Cancer Misdiagnosis?

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There are few things at the doctor’s office more devastating than a cancer diagnosis. Equally bad, however, is when misdiagnosis allows cancer to fly under the radar until it is too terrible to ignore.

The big problem with cancer misdiagnosis is that it allows the condition to worsen. Cancer cells tend to spread throughout the body, infecting other systems. Correctly identifying the presence of cancer as early as possible gives patients the best chance of treating it.

On the other hand, a misdiagnosis means the condition goes without treatment, and by the time the doctor provides a proper diagnosis, it could be too late.

Not Receiving Treatment

Radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery are all viable options for treating—and sometimes curing—cancer. Even if treatment doesn’t cure cancer, it can prevent the illness from spreading and is almost always better than leaving the condition untreated.

A misdiagnosis prevents you from receiving treatment. You may also receive treatments for a condition you don’t have. For instance, you may receive medication that does nothing to help you—or worse, they may trigger allergies or have an adverse reaction with other medications.

Worsening Condition

When a doctor diagnoses cancer, they often tell you the stage and severity of the condition. You may receive effective treatment for cancer in its earliest stages. However, it’s more challenging to be fully cured in later stages, especially when the cancer cells spread throughout the body.

Most difficult of all is a misdiagnosis of early-stage cancer. If a doctor does not identify the condition as cancer, it can worsen to stage four cancer over time. Treatment becomes ineffective, and it’s more difficult to make a full recovery.

In these situations, you deserve justice. You need someone to help you and your family hold the negligent medical professional responsible. You should have a legal advocate on your side to pursue the most favorable outcome possible.

At Gulf South Law Firm, you are our top priority. Our Gulfport medical malpractice lawyers will always be on your side to help you determine what options are best for your situation. Trust that we’ll help throughout the entire process to pursue justice for you and your family.

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