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Is the Doctor or Hospital Liable?

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Whenever you suffer harm at the hands of a medical professional, you deserve to know who is liable and your legal options. Taking legal action to pursue compensation should be a priority, but you can’t do that without knowledge of the cause of the problem and who to hold accountable.

In many cases, either the doctor or hospital holds liability—or in some cases, both parties are responsible. We explain when you can hold the doctor accountable for his or her negligence. We also discuss scenarios in which the hospital is responsible for your pain.

The Doctor and Negligence

Doctors are most often negligent when their direct actions cause you to suffer harm. For instance, you can hold the doctor liable when he or she makes a mistake when performing surgery. You can also hold a doctor accountable for a misdiagnosis.

You want to ensure you speak with legal representation to determine if the doctor has a history of negligence. This history can allow you to show additional elements that may make more than one party liable for your injuries.

The Hospital and Negligence

Most hospitals contract doctors rather than employ them. The contractual agreements are often a way for hospitals to distance themselves in the event of malpractice. However, some issues may arise that allow the hospital to hold liability in this type of case.

You may prove that the hospital holds liability if they contract a doctor who they knew had a history of negligence. Hospitals must ensure you have the proper care. When they put you in harm’s way by allowing a negligent or untrained doctor to practice, they’re liable for any damages you sustain.

If both parties are liable, you may be able to take legal action against the hospital and the doctor. Unfortunately, you may encounter large legal teams protecting the medical professional and facility. You should hire someone who can prioritize your rights to pursue justice.

At Gulf South Law Firm, our Gulfport medical malpractice lawyers will be there by your side every step of the way. We work hard to protect your rights during these challenging matters, focusing on pursuing the compensation you need moving forward.

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