Tips for Staying Safe on Your Motorcycle


Summer is in full swing, and the warm weather and coastal breezes on the Gulf Coast mean many will ride their motorcycles for enjoyment. Motorcycles are a great, fuel-efficient way to get around. They also require both rider and other motorists to take special precautions for road safety.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends several ways to stay safe when riding a motorcycle or scooter:

1) Wear a helmet - It's the law in Mississippi and Louisiana. A DOT-compliant helmet can save your life.

2) Practice safe riding - Get used to a new bike on low-traffic roads before taking to congested roadways. Be aware of your surroundings and other motorists. 

3) Ride sober - Driving while intoxicated is very dangerous, and the danger is only multiplied if you drink and ride. 

Stay safe this summer. If you or someone you love gets injured in a motorcycle or other auto accident, contact Attorney Heath Sullivan at Gulf South Law Firm for help. 

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