Fighting the Insurance Company's "50/50" Argument

If you've been in an auto accident, you may be all too familiar with the fact that another driver's story on the scene may change by the time he speaks to his insurance company. It is an unfortunate reality and common occurrence that at-fault drivers may admit to fault at the scene of the accident, but they will change their version of events later.

This change of story can greatly impact your case and ability to settle your property damage and bodily injury claims. If the insurance company says it is a "he said versus she said" or "50/50 split," this means your claim now has only half the value it otherwise would. This may also mean that you won't get all of your medical bills covered or your lost wages repaid.

If you run into this scenario, it is important to get an experienced and aggressive personal injury lawyer to present the facts and law that apply to each specific case. This information can push the insurance adjuster to realize that their insured's story just doesn't add up. If push comes to shove, that attorney can pursue your rights in court and present the evidence to get you what you deserve.

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