Can You Get Holiday Pay While on Worker's Compensation?

Injuries rarely occur at a convenient time. Sometimes accidents happen over holidays, vacations, or other occasions that should be fun and stress-free. While you are legally obligated to receive worker's compensation if you were injured due to negligent workplace practice, you should not assume you will be able to receive holiday or vacation pay too.

If you're an employee, you must understand what your protections are. There are several things to know about workers' compensation:

You Have Legal Protections

Unlike traditional compensation insurance, workers' compensation insurance is sometimes a requirement for companies that serve businesses with 50 or more employees. As long as you meet the criteria, your employer may be required to pay you.

  • It pays for your medical bills and treatment.
  • It can help to ensure that you'll receive benefits if you're injured on the job.
  • Other companies may need to cover you while you're recovering, if you work for them or if they have to pay for you.

What Can You Do to Prepare for Benefits?

While preparing for workers' compensation benefits might seem scary, there are several things you can do to help you get started:

  • Update your medical records. Your doctor should keep your personal information and documents in a folder, separate from your medical records. There are two types of records that you'll need to keep in this folder: the dates of your injuries and the name of the doctor that treated you.
  • Look for independent health care professionals to manage your benefits and health care. The Department of Labor licenses independent health care providers, and their license includes liability insurance.
  • Learn what you can and can't do at work. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has regulations that determine what you can and cannot do at work.
  • Prepare for a work-related injury. Be sure to learn the basic rules for your workplace. These rules cover everything from dress code and your right to a private bathroom to physical barriers and electrical hazards. The law is silent on many issues, but you'll want to know the rules if there is an injury.
  • Learn what to do with any information regarding your injury. This includes how to report the damage to OSHA and any legal actions that you may need to take.

No matter how your workers' compensation claim unfolds, it's essential to understand the rights that you have. Only by following these steps can you be sure that your injury claims will be granted and that you can receive all of the benefits that you are owed.

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