The Danger of Turning Trucks

Semi-Truck turning left

Many trucks have signs on their trailer with important safety information. Some of them read “If you can’t see my mirrors, I can’t see you.” Others say, “Danger: Wide Turns.” Yet most trucks don’t have these signs and most car drivers don’t know how to safely maneuver around a large truck. We’ve already discussedtruck blindspots, now we need to discuss the danger of turning trucks.

Wide Turns

Tractor-trailers are wider and longer than the average car, which means the driver needs a lot of extra space to turn. This is doubly difficult because the trailer often has a worse turn radius than the truck itself.

Truck drivers need to be precise in how they make their turns. Some inexperienced drivers turn too wide, blocking the intersection. Others turn too tightly, endangering those around them, especially on their passenger’s side.

Watch Out!

If you’re driving around town and you see a truck’s turn signal, give them plenty of space. Be patient and never try to speed ahead of a turning truck. Most importantly, avoid getting too close to a truck on the respective side that it is turning.

If a truck is turning right, you don’t want to be in the right lane, as you’ll be in the driver’s no-zone and you increase the chances of being struck by the trailer’s turn radius. Likewise, if you find yourself in a double left turn lane, avoid getting on the inner lane. When the truck pulls forward, the trailer could hit you if the turn is too wide or too sharp.

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