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Who Pays In a Car Accident?

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One of the biggest concerns of someone involved in a car accident is how they’re going to pay for the damages they’ve experienced. This can include how to pay for the bills from the hospital, recover income from being unable to work, and more.

It’s easy to feel lost in this situation, unsure of what comes next, but it’s also imperative to recognize the parties responsible for paying for damages. In a negligence-related crash, there are various factors that can alter who is responsible for the compensation owed to you for your damages.

Mississippi Is a “Fault” State

In Mississippi, car accidents are looked at on a “fault” basis, meaning the insurance company of the liable party is responsible for paying damages to the claimant. You would report the accident to your insurance company, providing the contact information for the negligent driver’s insurance, and your provider will start the process.

Proving liability is the most important aspect in fault-based accidents as many insurance companies are quick to limit their own responsibility in a case. Make sure you gather sufficient evidence to help guide in your car accident claim.

What Happens Is the Responsible Driver Is Uninsured?

In the event the driver responsible for the crash is uninsured, you would need to rely on your uninsured motorist coverage to pursue compensation. This makes it imperative to have this type of coverage added to your policy because if the responsible party doesn’t have insurance, it can be difficult to get compensation.

In both events—whether going through your own insurance or that of a negligent party—there are times when the insurance provider is quick to deny liability. This is done in an effort to protect profits, limit liability, and avoid paying out too much to the claimant.

When this happens, you can rely on our Gulfport car accident attorney to help you move away from the claims-filing process and potentially file a lawsuit to pursue compensation. We know the various tactics the insurance company tries to use in these cases and we work hard to protect your rights.

At Gulf South Law Firm, we prioritize your best interests because we know how much compensation means to you following an injury. Our goal is to help you every step of the way in pursuit of the justice you deserve.

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