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Medicaid and Your Personal Injury Claim

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As a follow up to a prior post about Medicare's right to recovery, Medicaid also has a similar right and is a secondary payer. Medicaid is administered by the state rather than the federal government. Medicaid is generally for the less fortunate members of society who meet certain requirements for coverage. Over 750,000 Mississippians are on Medicaid.

Under Mississippi Code Ann. 43-13-125, Medicaid has a right to recover from any sums received as a result of an injury or workers' compensation claim. This means that if you have Medicaid and were injured through someone's negligence or on the job, Medicaid may collect the money it spent on your healthcare related to that accident. 

Just like with Medicare, it is important to have an attorney familiar with Medicaid's rights and the process for dealing with that arm of state government. An attorney with expertise in Medicaid liens can assist in resolving those issues and protecting your rights. 

Whether hurt on the job, on the highway, or at a place of business, call Attorney Heath Sullivan and Gulf South Law for help with your claim and dealing with Medicaid.